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Joshua’s Law Course

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16-year-old and need to meet the Joshua's Law requirements to apply for your Driver's License?
  • 100% Online no classroom required
  • Fun microlearning videos and interactive games
  • Our courses were proved to reduce collisions
  • Free Practice tests
  • Guaranteed to pass
  • Proof of completion in 30 minutes

Georgia Defensive Driving

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How do I get my Georgia Driver's License?

Take a DDS-approved Drivers Ed course
Our course is trusted by driving schools, parents, and the GA DDS. Get started today with our FREE EXPRESS REGISTRATION.

Complete behind-the-wheel training
Complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training at a DDS-approved school and 40 hours of supervised driving with a parent or guardian.

You have the option to complete the Parent-Teen Driving Guide in lieu of the driving school.

Frequently Asked Questions

About GA Driver's Ed

About Joshua's Law, Georgia Drivers Ed, and the online courses

Georgia Driver’s Ed: Online learning approved by the GA DDS

You’ve just hit age 15 and you’re ready to start your Georgia driver education, but you’re not sure where to turn. You’re in luck—Improv’s top-notch, DDS-approved, Joshua’s Law-compliant driver’s ed course can get you a Georgia Intermediate Driver’s License as easy as 1-2-3!

✔ Avoid boring instructors, books and stuffy classrooms
✔ Program is in full compliance with Joshua’s Law
✔ Never miss a game, practice or study session with the ability to learn on your schedule
✔ Work at your own pace
✔ Learn Georgia driver’s ed from the comfort of your own home

Earning your Georgia learner’s permit online lets you be in charge of your schedule and driver’s ed experience. Meet all the requirements covered by a standard Georgia driver’s ed course while never having to miss an event, work shift, or extracurricular activity. Log in and out wherever and whenever you have the time!

What is a Joshua’s Law Course? Why should I take one?

A Joshua’s Law course is a teen driver’s education course that is compliant with Joshua’s Law—a law that says all first-time teenage Driver’s between 15 and 16 need to complete all training required to earn a Georgia driver’s license. For teens aged 18 or older, such a course isn’t legally required. Even so, it’s still a good idea to take a course and make sure you’re comfortable with basic traffic laws and driving skills.

Driver License Direct by IMPROV driver’s ed course is a 30-hour online driver’s education program approved by the state to be compliant with all aspects of Joshua’s Law. Not only will you come away feeling accomplished and ready to get behind the wheel, but you’ll meet all the necessary requirements to do so safely and within the law.

Georgia Driver’s Ed Course Material

Some of the major course topics include:

✔ Defensive driving methods
✔ Georgia driving laws
✔ How to drive safely in poor weather conditions
✔ How to properly merge and change lanes
✔ How to avoid hazards while driving
Learning the driver’s ed course material is easy thanks to our convenient online format. Engaging graphical elements help bring the content to life, giving you an entertaining experience that goes beyond boring text and helps you remember the details naturally. Your written test will be a breeze!

GA Driver’s Ed at your pace, on your schedule

Don’t give up your free time to a Georgia driver education course that requires you to spend time in yet another classroom after school. Our completely online Joshua’s Law course allows you to study whenever you want, at your own speed, however it best fits your life.

✔ 24/7 access to course materials
✔ Learn material over as many sessions as you need
✔ Absorb information naturally with entertaining videos, graphics and more
✔ Zero deadlines
✔ Fit your study time around your life—not the other way around!

Attention, parents! We can save you money on car insurance!
Great news, parents! Not only will our unique course help your teen easily and naturally learn the rules of the road, but it may also qualify you to save big on your insurance! When your teen signs up for a Georgia Joshua’s Law course, your insurance company may be one of several who offer a relevant discount on your premium.

It doesn’t stop there—when your child completes the driver education course, you may also be eligible to earn a $150 Georgia state tax credit, so long as you are able to provide the certificate of completion around tax time the following year!

100% online coursework

Not everyone learns best by reading from a book, and it can be tough to retain information when you’re not feeling engaged. When you study for your driver’s test online, you give yourself a leg-up with an easy-to-follow, flexible program that allows you to call the shots.

✔ Learn driver’s ed material through interesting videos and audio recordings
✔ Dive into detail with our graphically enhanced course
✔ Log in from any computer, any time
✔ Review material with multiple-choice quizzes

How to get your Georgia Driver's License

GA Instructional Permit (Class CP)

✔ You must be at least 15 years old.
✔ You will need to take (and pass) a written test to earn your instructional permit.
✔ After you’ve received your permit, you will always need to have and adult over the age of 21 who holds a valid Class C license with you while driving.
✔ You will also need to pass a vision test to ensure you’ll be able to safely see the road and the environment around you while driving.
✔ Applicants under age 18 years of age are required to have a parent/guardian, responsible adult or authorized Driver Training Instructor to sign the application for the driver’s license.

Class D Intermediate GA Driver’s License

Once a driver of 16 or older has had his or her instructional permit for 12 months, without having any major traffic violations that resulted in the suspension of the Instructional Permit, and the Driver’s 16 years of age have completed a driver education course approved by the Department of Driver Services and have completed a cumulative total of at least forty (40) hours of other supervised driving experience, including at least six (6) hours at night, he or she can apply for a Class D provisional Georgia driver’s license. For this level of license, a young driver must be able to pass a driving test on the road. This type of license allows the new driver to operate a vehicle under restricted conditions:

✔ For the first 6 months, a Class D license-holder can only have immediate family members as passengers
✔ For second 6 months after earning the license, a Class D license-holder can have only 1 non-family passenger under 21 years of age
✔ One year (12 months) after earning the license, a Class D license-holder can only drive a maximum of 3 non-family passengers under 21
✔ In general, the Class D license does not allow a person to drive between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Full Class C Georgia Driver’s License

Once a Class D license-holder has been driving for a full year (12 months) without any major traffic violations, he or she can apply to be given a full, unrestricted Class C Georgia driver’s license. Any driver who wishes to receive an unrestricted Class C license must be 18 years of age or older.

Forms and information to bring to the Georgia DDS

Before you head to the GA DDS, get the required documents listed below in order and make an appointment to take your written permit exam. Remember: you must be at least age 15.

Before your DDS appointment, you will need:

✔ A notarized, signed copy of the DDS-required standard certificate of enrollment from your school, to prove you are enrolled and in good standing. If you are under the age of 18 and are not enrolled in school, you must provide either a GED or high school diploma, or have the DDS enrollment form signed by the Board of Education to verify your status as being in an approved home-schooling program.
✔ Your GA Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program card.
✔ One of the following forms of identification:
An original U.S. birth certificate (or a copy of your U.S. birth certificate). Hospital-issued birth certificates will not be accepted, and all certificates must be certified with the embossed state seal.
A U.S. certificate of birth registration
Certified copies of any relevant court records for adoption, name changes, etc.
Certified records of naturalization
An immigration card
A valid U.S. passport
✔ If you are not yet a full U.S. citizen, you must provide originals of unexpired immigration documents.
✔ You won’t need to bring your Social Security card to the DDS, but you will need to know your SSN (Social Security Number). This is required in order to verify your identity before you can be issued your learner’s permit.
✔ Individuals who are not currently U.S. citizens may present the Georgia DDS with a Social Security Denial Letter.

Downloadable forms

The following forms are available from the GA DDS website.

✔ DS-1: Certificate of Enrollment
✔ DS- 7010: Driver Training School Parental Affidavit
✔ Parent – Teen Driving Guide

GA Driver's Ed Course

Who is required to complete GA Driver's Ed?

Under Joshua’s Law, if you are 16 years old or younger, you must complete a 30-hour Georgia state-approved driver education course in order to be eligible for a Class D license.

How do I get a GA Learner's Permit?

You must be at least 15 years old, have your Georgia Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) card (usually received in 9th grade), and pass both a written knowledge exam and a vision test.

What is the GA Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program card, and how do I get it?

The Georgia Alcohol Drug Awareness Program (or ADAP) is a specialized education course all teen Driver’s have to complete before they can obtain their Class D driver’s license. The course is offered over four one-hour classes, usually during the ninth grade. The teacher must be certified by the Georgia Department of Education to provide instruction in health education, physical education and/or driver and safety education. At the end of the class, students are required to pass a written test on the course topics.

Do I have to get a Learner's Permit before I can get my Georgia Driver's License?

If you are between 15 and 18 years of age, you will need to have a Georgia learner’s permit for a full year (plus one day) without any major traffic infractions before you can get a Class D Georgia driver’s license.

Do I need to have my parent or legal guardian's permission to get my Georgia Learner's Permit?

Yes, and they will need to accompany you to the DDS when you go to apply for your permit. They will also need to sign for you and provide their own ID or Driver’s License. If your parent or guardian does not have a Georgia license or state ID card, you can provide the DDS with a standard proof-of-residency document.

How does the Driver License Direct by IMPROV Driver's Ed course work?

We divide the coursework into 10 chapters covering each topic. Between each chapter you will be asked to complete a 4-question multiple choice quiz, and at the end of the course you will be asked to take a final exam of 30 questions. Once you’ve achieved an 70% or higher, you will have passed the course!

Does your online Driver's Ed program meet the Georgia DDS requirements?

Absolutely. Our online course is the state-mandated 30 hours in length and meets all necessary legal and educational requirements to get you your Georgia instructional (learner’s) permit.

What is the Parent-Teen Driving Guide?

The Georgia parent-teen driving guide is a guide containing suggestions for parents and teens to practice driving together. It outlines a teaching method meant to help teens learn more easily and comfortable behind the wheel with mom or dad. It offers suggestions for instructional “best practices,” including practicing in parking lots and familiar neighborhoods, testing the waters in traffic and on country roads… and more!

What if I don't pass the online final exam for Georgia Driver's Ed?

No problem! You are allowed unlimited free retakes on the final online exam. That’s right, unlimited to attempts to receive your GA Driver’s Ed Completion Certificate.

How soon after I finish the program will I receive my Certificate of Completion?

You will be able to download your GA Driver’s Ed Completion Certificate within 30 minutes of completing the course!

Where do I go to actually get my Georgia instructional permit?

You can obtain your learner’s permit at any Georgia DDS location that issues them. To find an appropriate DDS office near you, visit the Georgia DDS website.

GA Learner's Permit and Driver's License

What do I need to do to get my Georgia Driver's License?

If you are 16 years of age or older, you must:

✔ Hold a learner’s permit for at least one year and one day
✔ Pass a behind-the-wheel class
✔ Practice behind-the-wheel training for 40 hours (6 of those hours at night)
✔ Pass a vision and road test

What tests do I have to take to get my Georgia Driver's License?

You will have to take (and pass) both a vision test and a driving (road) test.

Do I need to schedule an appointment for my vision and road test?

Road Test (behind-the-wheel driving test) are offered by appointment only. Walk-ins are not accepted. You can make an appointment for your road test up to 90 days in advance. Make a reservation by calling (678) 413-8400 (select option 4), or make a reservation online.

Does my parent or legal guardian need to be present when I take my Driver's License test?

Yes. Your parent or legal guardian will need to sign your driver’s license application. They will also need to sign an affidavit stating that you have completed the required 40 hours of behind-the-wheel driving. Your parent/guardian will also need to present the completed Georgia parent/teen driving guide, the last page of which can be signed and notarized either before the road test or in front of the DDS examiner who will be notarizing it.

What forms or documents will I need to bring with me to get my Georgia Driver's License?

In addition to your online driver’s ed course certificate of completion, you should also have:

✔ A notarized, signed copy of the standard DDS-required certificate of enrollment from your school. If you are under 18 and not enrolled in school, you must provide either a GED diploma or a high school diploma, or have the DDS enrollment form signed by the Board of Education to verify your status as being in an approved home-schooling program.

✔ Your GA Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program card.
✔ An original certified U.S. birth certificate (or a copy; hospital-issued certificates will not be accepted), U.S. certificate of birth registration, certified copies of court records for adoptions, name changes, etc., certified records of naturalization, an immigration card or a U.S. passport.
✔ Individuals who are not currently U.S. Citizens will need to present original, unexpired immigration documents.
✔ You won’t need to bring your Social Security card, but you will need to know your SSN (Social Security Number). This is required to verify your identity before you can be issued your license. Individuals who are not currently U.S. citizens may present the Georgia DDS with a Social Security Denial Letter.

What if I have more questions?

If you have question our website can’t answer, our customer support team is ready to help you 24/7! Feel free to call us at 1.800.660.8908 or email us, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and offer assistance!

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