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4-hour Course

Regular $22.50
$19.95 SAVE 11%
+ $3 DMV Assessment
You need this course if you have never had a Florida drivers License before or were instructed by the court because of a DUI.

We recommend bundling this with the online Permit Test to simplify the process for yourself.


Course and Online Permit Test

Regular $52.45
$34.95 SAVE 33%
+ $3 DMV Assessment
Please note that you only have to take the Permit Test if you are between the ages of 14½ and 18.

Permit Test Only

Regular $29.95
$19.95 SAVE 33%
Please note that you only have to take the Permit Test if you are between the ages 14½ and 18.

Skip the long lines and wait times at the DMV and take your permit test online.

You must have completed the TLSAE Course online first in order to take this.

How do I get my Florida Driver's License?

Complete our FL DMV-approved Drivers Ed course
Get started with our free express registration. We'll guide you through the entire driver education process from start to finish to get your driver license in no time!
Get Your Florida Learners Permit
To start driving immediately, skip the long lines at the DMV and take our FL DHSMV-approved test to get your Learners Permit. It's that easy.
Complete your supervised in-car training requirements
Spend 50 or more hours behind the wheel, with ten of those hours certified at night. A parent, guardian, or licensed driver over 21 can help you learn the traffic laws first hand while you have your learner's license.
Go ace your driving test!
You will have your Florida driver license in no time after taking our online drivers education course! Pass the knowledge exam online of our online course and we report course completion for Florida students to the Florida department of motor vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the FL TLSAE Course?

The Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE) is a DHSMV approved online Florida Drivers Ed DHSMV approved course that all Florida teens in the state must complete to get their learner’s permit. It teaches a first time driver the basics regarding the rules of the road, responsible driving, and the problems associated with abusing drugs and alcohol. Traffic law and substance abuse education school important for any Florida resident looking to get a driving license.

Is Drivers Ed required in Florida?

In the state of Florida, any first time driver that is at least 14 ½ years of age are required to take a Florida state-approved drivers ed course. You must be 14 ½ years old and under 18 years old in order to apply for a Florida Learner Permit. Whether you are 14 ½ years, 17 years old or 48 years old, this driver education course and learners permit test is for you!

Can you take Drivers Ed online in Florida?

Yes, online courses for drivers education are approved by the Florida DMV.

What happens after you complete drivers ed?

After you complete online drivers ed in the state of Florida, you can take the Class E Knowledge Exam to obtain your Florida Learner’s Permit. You will want to show the Certificate of Completions that you will receive after completing your drivers ed course.

How much does a Florida permit cost?

A Florida drivers permit costs $48.00 for a first time driver. This cost does not include the actual cost of the permit or the drivers education course.

Do you offer FREE practice exams and driver handbooks?

Yes! Take our free 50-question Florida Learners Permit Practice Test as many times as you need to feel confident for the real thing! Further, test your driver education knowledge by taking the Florida DHSMV simulated permit exam. You can also download the Florida Driver Handbook.

How Many Questions are on the Florida Driver's License Test?

The Florida drivers license test typically has 40 questions. The Florida driver’s license test is divided into 20 questions on road signage and 20 more questions on regulations. To pass, the person taking the test must get 15 of the 20 in each section correct.

Is Driver License Direct by Improv a FL DMV Approved Online Drivers Ed course?

Absolutely! Our course and all its features are approved by the FL DMV.

How do I know I′m taking the right course?

It can be a bit confusing, but you’re at the right place. This course is referred to as the Florida Online Drivers Ed Course, Florida First Time Drivers Course, Florida Drug and Alcohol Course, or ADAPT. They are all one in the same.

Can I take the course in increments or do I have to take the whole course at once

You can take our traffic law and substance school at your own pace! That′s why so many like our approach. You decide when and where you will study.

Learner’s Permit Test FAQs

How long does it take to get my Certificate of Completion?

We report your completion to the DHSMV for you within a day. You can immediately download your drivers education course diploma after you complete the course.

What steps do I need to take after I take the FL drivers education course?

Simple… you can apply for your Florida learner′s permit and then start your training behind the steering wheel! We suggest our all-in-one bundle with both the course and drivers education test to save you time and effort.

What are my options for taking the Florida permit exam?

You can go to your local FL DHSMV office and take the Florida school test there, or you can take the Florida permit test online if you are between 14 ½ and 18 years old.

I feel I am prepared enough to pass the Florida Learners Permit test; do I really need to take the FL TLSAE course?

Florida DHSMV requires teens to complete a TLSAE course prior to any application to get a learners permit. There is an exception for those who have a license issued by another state who are 18 years of age or older.

What happens if I fail the Florida permit test?

Another plus for our Florida permit online test! We give you three (3) chances to pass your Florida learners permit exam. And yes, the additional attempts are FREE. Even if you don’t pass it after three times, you can still take it again, though it will need to be in-person at the DHSMV.

Do the fees for taking the Florida permit test online include a practice exam that I can take?

Yes. Our Florida drivers permit practice test includes actual questions from previous DHSMV driver education exams.

Is this the official Florida DHSMV DMV written test?

Yes, we are authorized by Florida DHSMV to administer the written permit test online.

What type of questions are on the online permit exam?

The driver education online permit exam consists of multiple choice and true/false questions that cover Florida road rules and road signs.

Do I still need to take a 4-hour TLSAE course?

Every new driver regardless of age needs to complete the course if you have never had a driver license in Florida or any other State. We offer a bundle discount if you take both TLSAE and Online DMV Test with us.

How many questions are on the exam and how many can I miss to still pass?

There are 50 total questions on the online permit exam. To pass the exam, you need a score of 80%, so you can miss up to 10 questions and still pass the online permit exam.

$52.45 $34.95