FAQs Virtual Coach

What is considered a good score?

On individual trips, a rating of 4-5 stars is considered good. You lose a star per violation, but that may not always be your fault. For example, you had to hit the brakes to avoid a collision. However, if the same issue repeats frequently, then you need to pay closer attention and address it with training. An overall score of 80 or above is considered a good score.

Do I need to have a mentor?

No, it's optional; you can practice as a solo driver.

Do the mentor's trips get recorded and scored?

It's your call. During set up, you can decide if you want your trips recorded and shared. We recommend leading by example.

How do I add a family member to my family group?

Mentor can invite other members to join the group using a group code.

How is the safety score calculated?

Using standard sensors and proprietary software, we are able to track factors like Speeding, Hard Braking, Rapid Acceleration, Sharp Turns, and Distracted Driving - all key factors of safe driving. Using a proprietary algorithm, this data is converted into an average safety score of 1-100, and it provides safety information on each individual trip.

What is the SPIDER Method?

SPIDER is our proprietary teaching methodology that provides drivers with a simple set of tools and reference points that will allow them to make safer choices and develop safe driving habits.

How do I know what to improve on my drives?

Your trip history will show how you ranked on each of the five personal safety score factors: braking, acceleration, distraction, cornering, and speeding.

How many mentors can I have in my family group?

One per family group.

Should the app be used before or after I get my driver’s license?

It is designed for new drivers who are driving independently and would like to develop additional driving skills the improve the “driving muscle memory,” using the SPIDER Method. However, the app can also be used during your initial driver training to provide you with additional feedback and skills.

Is this for teens only?

Anyone can use the app, but it was primarily designed to aid teen drivers in improving their driving skills.

Does the teen need to have a mentor assigned?

No, any driver can choose to practice solo. Note: in solo mode, you can’t set rewards or group competitions that encourage good driving habits.

Does it cost more to add a mentor?

No, the basic subscription (DriverZ) includes one driver and one mentor; the Z Family Plan includes a mentor and up to 3 drivers.

If I am a parent/mentor, how do I see results?

The Mentor and Driver need to install an app on their smartphone, then choose a role. The Mentor can invite up to 3 family members to participate. The Mentor has an option to participate in generating their own safety score or to just observe the driver’s performance.

I am a parent/mentor. Will my driving score be shared with my mentees?

You have an option to opt out from being scored. However, we do encourage to lead by example and share your score with your mentees.

How do rewards work?

A Mentor can set a dollar or tangible reward if the driver meets set criteria. A Mentor can design their own criteria; for example, Drive X miles with a Safety Score of 75 or better. Mentors can only set up one reward per driver at any given time.

What is considered a good driving score?

Individual trips are set for a star rating in each category: Speeding, Hard Braking, Rapid Acceleration, Sharp Turns, and Distracted Driving. Out of 5 stars, 4 or 5 are considered a good score. The overall Driving Safety Score is generated based on a 14-day average and is rated from 1-100. Obviously the closer to 100, the better. We consider 80-100 over a 14-day average to be an excellent score; 70-80 is acceptable but may require some attention. Anything below 70 is a concern.

Can using the app create additional distractions?

No, the trip results are only available post-trip, so no phone interaction is required during driving.

What happens if I am a passenger; will my drives be tracked?

Trips default to you as the driver. You can change your role in trip history from driver to passenger if you were riding with someone else. When you do this, that drive's score won't be tracked against your safety score.

I am a mentor and I've chosen not to track my own trips. What will I see?

As a mentor who is not participating, you will have a mentor dashboard and be able to toggle between your drivers to view a dashboard of their safety score and overall trips. You will also be able to set up goals and rewards.

I have an Android device and my trips aren’t tracking.

Different Android phone manufacturers have different settings options. First check your settings to make sure your location, bluetooth and settings are set to always allow. Next, make sure power save mode is off. Power save mode needs to be off for Android devices for the core telematics function of the app to function as expected.

I just took a trip but it doesn’t look like it’s counting toward the goal I’m working on. What’s the problem?

First of all, make sure you have waited at least an hour for the goal to update. Additionally, there are instances where a trip doesn’t count toward a goal. For example, if the trip was too short or there were other issues, it won’t count. Finally, try logging in and out again to see if that changes anything.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account from the DriverZ app under Settings > Profile and account. Additionally, to stop the subscription, go to your app store and unsubscribe.

If overall safety score is different between driver/mentor

Score may take up to an hour to update.

My Drive wasn’t recorded

Please check your phone settings. In order to properly work, settings must be set to: iOS Location - Always On; Motion/Fitness - Enabled, Notifications - Enabled; Android: Location - Allow all the time; User Recognition - Allow; Notifications - Enabled

How much data does the app use?

During typical use, the data usage by the CMT Mobile is about 500 KB per hour of driving on average

My recent trip scores aren't showing up

There can be up to an hour delay with score tracking.

What devices are supported?
Playing the SPIDER game, I identify a potential hazard, but it's not being captured by the app.

Screens may have a different sensetivity and may not capture all feedback. Make sure your fingers and screen are clean and dry.

I took a trip. but I'm not seeing my trip data update.

Trips update immediately, but trip data related to goals and leaderboards only update every hour.

My overall trip shows a score of 3 out of 5 stars. But in my trip history, I got a four out of five stars or higher on all the parameters. That doesn't make sense.

The overall score is calculated based on weighted average. This is part of our telematics partner's algorithm and is part of a weighted average.

I’m not seeing my personal safety score on my dashboard or on leaderboard any longer. What happened?

The safety score is calculated on a rolling two-week basis. If you haven’t driven in the last two weeks, no safety score will show. Once you start driving again, a new safety score will appear based on your last drives and the 14-day window starts again.

What is included in my subscription?

The DriverZ subscription includes a subscription for 1 Mentor and One Driver; the DriverZ Family Plan includes 1 Mentor and up to 3 additional drivers. Note: the Mentor can elect to opt out from generating his own safety score and trip monitoring.

Is this a tracking app?

No, this app is designed to reinforce safety driving habbits using the SPIDER Method. We don't provide real time tracking. However. we do share individual trip details with a mentor, it happens after the trip is completed striclty for review and training purposes.

Is this reported to my insurance company?

NO - We do not share individual performance with any insurance carriers.

Will it drain my battery?

On recent phones, we have measured a 2-5% battery drain per hour of active driving depending on phone model.

Do you share or sell my data?

The short answer is NO; please refer to our privacy policy for complete details.

Do you share my data with insurance companies?

No personal identifiable data is shared with anyone, including insurance. Please refer to our privacy policy.

How much data does the app use?

During typical use, the data usage by the Mobile SDK is about 500 KB per hour of driving on average.

How do I cancel my account?

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to cancel your account.