How to Leverage the Evolving Power of AI to Increase Revenue

Written by Liam Hoch
How to Leverage the Evolving Power of AI to Increase Revenue

Automation is no longer the future – it’s the present. At DriverZ by IMPROVLearning, we understand that the driving school industry is highly competitive, and it can be challenging to find new students and grow your business. A competitive marketplace and economic instability are affecting all companies at the moment, but for independent driving schools, standing out in the local market can be a challenge. 

However, there is good news – artificial intelligence (AI) can help you overcome these challenges and drive revenue and growth.

AI is the ability of machines to learn and reason like humans. Artificial intelligence fundamentally transforms how we do business, and the driving school industry is no exception. AI can help you find and attract new students, improve your internal processes, revolutionize how you handle customer service, and increase your revenue. In this newsletter, we will explore how small independent driving schools can harness the evolving power of AI to drive revenue and growth.

Customizing Your Customer Service

AI chatbots have come a long way in customer service, offering an effective and efficient alternative to traditional customer service systems. For driving schools, this could mean a boost in customer satisfaction and reduce the time-consuming manual processes of handling inquiries. AI chatbots allow customers to ask questions and receive accurate answers 24/7 via text or voice. Implementing an AI chatbot can drastically improve response times while freeing up staff from tedious tasks that bots can now handle. 

The bots’ accuracy also goes well beyond simple canned responses; they are becoming capable of understanding natural language and delivering personalized replies tailored to the customer’s needs. AI chatbots may be what driving schools need to provide excellent customer service and make interactions smoother for everyone involved.


IMPROV’s recommendation: Zendesk is an all-in-one customer management platform, but of particular interest here are the AI chat tools at your disposal. You can automate your customer service needs to free time from your instructors and other employees.

Your Automated Assistant

Another way that AI can help driving schools to increase revenue is by automating tedious tasks such as scheduling lessons or booking appointments. This automation allows staff members more time to focus on other business areas that require human attention, such as customer feedback or marketing efforts. Automation also reduces human error, which means fewer costly mistakes made during the booking process. And since these automated tasks are done quickly and efficiently, they save time and money in the long run – both of which result in increased profits for the business overall. 


IMPROV’s recommendation: Boost.AI is on the cutting edge of digital assistant and organization AI. Automating office tasks can free your employees to contribute more meaningfully.

Efficiency in Advertising

AI tools aren’t just for customer service and task automation. AI can help driving schools to increase their revenue by enabling more efficient advertising campaigns. By leveraging AI technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing, driving school owners can better understand their target audience and tailor their marketing campaigns accordingly. 

Any marketing executive will tell you that tailoring your message to your audience helps drive more qualified leads, leading to increased sales and more revenue for the business. Whether you’re using AI tools for minor copywriting or detailed SEO analysis and content creation, you can accomplish in a short time what it might have taken a team of professionals days to do.


IMPROV’s recommendation: Growthbar utilizes its SEO metrics to help you build high-ranking custom content you can use to drive new customers to your business.

Power Over Price

Finally, AI can help you increase your revenue by optimizing your pricing strategy. Pricing is a critical factor in the success of any business, and driving schools are no exception. AI-powered pricing can help you set the right price for your services based on various factors, such as demand, competition, and customer behavior.

Any driving school owner knows the inherent seasonality of driver education demand and is acutely aware of the pressure of local and online competition. AI tools allow you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to pricing. When you have elevated levels of demand, you can adjust your prices to take advantage with the click of a button or lower them in response to increased competition or an increase in pricing from your competition.


IMPROV’s recommendation: Aporia replaces the need for a custom API solution to adjust all your prices across the board. The flexibility offered with the ability to monitor what affects your prices, and their effect on your bottom line, is priceless.

Putting it All Together

Every day we’re bombarded with headlines on how the AI revolution is and will be changing the business landscape in the United States. While things are changing so quickly that it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction, businesses of all shapes and sizes that embrace change now will find themselves a step ahead. 

The tools and strategies suggested in this piece represent just the tip of the iceberg. In this rapidly changing landscape, staying on top of industry trends is more important than ever.

It’s no longer a matter of if but when everyone will be forced to adopt these and other AI strategies to stay relevant, so why not get a head start on the competition?

Written by
Liam Hoch
Liam Hoch researches and writes about safe driving for DriverZ. Having been a passenger in multiple near-catastrophic vehicle collisions, Liam knows first-hand the dangers of distracted, reckless, and unsafe driving. Passionate about our core principles of helping to make safer drivers and, ultimately, saving lives, Liam stays at the forefront of driving safety innovation and research.

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