Illinois Driving Schools

Illinois, the Land of Lincoln, presents unique driving laws and challenges. Seat belt use is mandatory for all front-seat passengers and children under 18. Hand-held cell phone use is banned, and work zones demand reduced speed. The Move Over Law requires drivers to slow down or change lanes near emergency vehicles.

Problem intersections include State St. and Main St. in Springfield, North Ave. and Harlem Ave. in Chicago, and Lincoln Hwy. and Cicero Ave. in Matteson. Dangerous road stretches comprise I-290 near Hillside, I-55 near Joliet, and I-80 around Joliet due to congestion and adverse weather.

High traffic areas include the Chicago Loop, O'Hare International Airport, and downtown Springfield. Safely navigating these areas is crucial for drivers.

Remember to follow Illinois' driving laws and remain cautious in known problem areas to ensure safe journeys on its diverse roadways. Drive responsibly and keep the roads safer for all.
Aurora/Naperville Driving Schools
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Chicago Driving Schools
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